I don't know exactly what I'm going to write about this shit, because I'm so clumsy myself that giving tips (I think), won't be as effective as I think it should be.  I just used the blog topic generator I shared on twitter before and thought I need it now.

Try it yourself, it's very easy to use.. and fun.

But I think I still need to do this.. so I'm gonna try, and try not to fall, slide, bump onto everything ever again.. which is impossible.

Okay, so first.. when crossing the street; look to your left and then to your right before stepping out of the gutter.. but also make sure that your foot will fall flatly on to the floor, and try not to be so "maarte" and make sure that you have the right balance if you don't want to fall on the street which could result to a broken ankle.  But if it ever happens, get up quickly because you're in the middle of the street and you don't want your injury to get worse.

Second, if you're going out of the building and you thought you saw someone you know, and you slightly looked on that person's direction but you thought you made a mistake and decided to get out anyway.  Make sure that you're far enough to the door (glass door) when you tilt your body and make your steps longer so just in case you really were that close to the door, it's your foot that will hit the door first, not your face.. but the people who saw and heard the loud sound of the banging door (glass door) might have thought that you hit your face.  But at least you said "sorry!" to the door. ...sorry, door!

Wearing sunglasses gives you this aura of coolness.. but really it's just to protect your eyes, because they're sensitive like that.  But make sure that you still were able to see what's going on around you; or things that might get your way and trip you.  But also be responsible when wearing your sunglasses, I mean, make sure that your cart is not going to hit some table where an old lady was sitting.  Glad you didn't hit her.. and please say sorry sincerely, don't apologize and then laugh.. that's mean!

Fourth thing, don't act like you're tall when getting on a vehicle.. bow your head when getting in and out of a jeepney or an fx van because you've had enough "bukol" and you don't have an iron head to endure all this pain.. ok?

Fifth.. if you're used to walking fast and you're wearing heels, even if it's just 2 1/2 inches, try to be good to yourself and walk slowly.. you're going home anyway, and not trying to catch something.  Also, if you think the floor is slippery, pause.  You're lucky enough not to fall on the floor.  But hey, the matrix move was impressive.  :>

I know how scared you are of cockroaches, especially of flying cockroaches.. but please, please, don't run and get tripped.  An additional scratch on your knees is not sexy.

I don't know if I could go any further about this tips because the rest that I could think of are pretty hardcore.. like they happened out of stupidity that was really dangerous.

Okay, when you're riding a jeepney.. make sure that you're sitting properly and at least one of your hands on the handle bar of the jeep.  You know how crazy jeepney drivers are, you will most likely fly from where you're sitting to the front-ish part of the jeep when they hit the break foolishly.. and you don't want that to happen, right? that would hurt.

Also, when you're getting out of the jeepney, make sure that the driver heard you said "para!" (to stop) and that he's aware you're getting out, so you're safe.

Trying out on sports is nice, like a roller blades, perhaps?  But since you're just starting to learn it, ask for someone to help you practice so you won't fall bad on your ass with an almost broken arm.

I know that as a kid, you loved the rain.. like it's the most amazing thing.  But try not to be so amazed and climb the roof with your brother and your cousin and bring a shampoo.  You will most likely step on the shampoo and the next thing you know, you're sliding down the roof almost hitting a tree with an electric wire.  But be lucky enough that you fall on a very smooth rock on your ass, because if you land on a different position, I don't know what could happen.

So there, I hope at least this list would be of any help on how not to be stupid. yeahhh.