I haven't seen this band in ages, and I kinda miss hearing them live.. hopefully soon we'll get to see them again.. aaaand create a more decent sets of photos of them.. but I love these shots of Armi (the vocalist) and my friend, Tin.

I remember the first time I saw them live.. it was in a school fair in college, and they're one of the bands who were invited to play.  That's one of the most amazing days of my college life; to see Up Dharma Down live!  Their music is so powerful, but it's not loud.  It's strong, very strong, but full of heart, and emotions.. and feelings.  ...feelsss.

They have a gig tonight, actually.. it's Friday, but I'm here at home, writing stuff about Friday Gig.  How pathetic is that?  Well aside from I don't have anymore money, I'm too tired from a week-long stress(?) and an increase could probably retain my energy.  (echoing increase.. increase.. increase)

That being said,. I think I won't be able to post on this category that much, because I don't go to gigs that much anymore.  Maybe I'll just talk about them on Music Monday, it's becoming redundant anyway.  This post has become so random. what the eff!

..would you like to listen to them though?

up dharma down by nevetessa on Grooveshark

oh, this is them then and now..

photo credit to belolats.com