I was on a rush to the fx terminal (well, I'm always on a rush) when I noticed there's no long line of passengers, neither of vehicles.. which was fine, I'll just have to wait for a few.  But the lady cleaner said "no vehicles will arrive today, they're on a rally", and I responded in my head like "what would they rally about? fare hike?"

I didn't know about this, but the other passenger said, she remembered it was announced, and that it's going to be today.  So how are we going to get to work? tricycle? or maybe a pedicab would do.

Taking the jeep or a bus is not an option; they have different routes with very bad traffic.. and taking a taxi will cost me my breakfast and lunch and merienda money.  Thankfully, a few of other passengers agreed to share the taxi with me.. still a bit pricey but at least we got to our office on time, and I was able to save my breakfast and lunch money.. never mind the merienda.

Apparently, these drivers were not asking for a fare hike, which is a good news, but what they're fighting for, what they're grieving about is the implementation of the higher fines on "colorum" or unlicensed public utility vehicles (PUVs).. and also higher fines (I think) for traffic violations.  But I'm not going to write about it because this is such a long talk.. and it's not interesting to talk about.

I just kinda missed them, beautiful fx drivers this morning.
But if you want to know more about it, go here.. that would be cool.

And what I also missed was my internet.  I lost my connection in 2 days because of idiocy and me being an oldy.. yeahh, I forgot to pay the bill.  But I wasn't completely internet-free because I have unlimited access in the office.. It's just I wasn't able to post something nice on Tuesday or yesterday (as if).. but what I actually missed during those no-internet-nights was stalking my favorites sites.  :>
I missed my eye bags.

This was taken at the fx terminal a few months ago, maybe it was around February, when it's still dark at 6 o'clock in the morning... I like this shot of the almost sunrise.