I'll go straight with how funny that my Uncle is much techie than I am.

Recently, he asked me if I like ebooks.. I said no, I prefer the real ones, and also I've been spending a lot of times in my computer in the office and at home that I'd be hurting my eyes even more if I read my favorite novels in Kindle which I don't have.. or in a tablet which everyone's hands are printed on.
Or maybe I just like being traditional, at least in some ways.  I like the texture of a book, though I don't smell it like what everyone else do, because it will make my nose itchy and I'll sneeze for life.  But I respect what they do, and whatever they want to do with their books and their lives.. "walang basagan ng trip".

Then he went on with how practical e-books are, which I totally agreed of.  He also travels a lot, and that e-books make the long trips bearable.. which also I agreed of.  And that he's got all his collections of the previous books he read and a hundreds of new books saved in one gadget, which I'm totally aware of.  But he's not making me feel like my traditional way of reading books is less cooler than his, he just really want to share his collections with me.  That's very nice of you, Uncle.. very nice of you.

And I appreciate the offer.. maybe in the future, I will try e-books.. but I guess not!  It's really different when you're flipping pages of a book.  The excitement of knowing the next scenes; what the characters are going to say or do next, and your own predictions which mostly aren't correct.. and that would suck if you could predict what's going to happen., that means the writer isn't that good.  Although you're still flipping pages on e-readers, it's just the texture of real books that makes the experience real, and I just repeat myself on the first paragraph.

But honestly, I don't have e-reader because I don't have extra money to buy one, and my priority for now is to buy a new camera.. the camera that I really like.  But I'm not good at saving money, sooo..