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Phoenix in Manila
photo credit to Karpos Multimedia

Phoenix live in Manila
One of the most unforgettable concerts I've experienced was Phoenix's.  From the day I heard of them coming, I already knew that I will be going to this event alone, which was never a problem.  The only thing I regret though is that I don't have a single photo of them performing.  I didn't bring my camera because I knew that it would be too hard for me to take a picture.  Because I'm in the standing area, a bit far from the stage.. the cheapest ticket I could afford which cost Php3,620.  This is the most expensive concert I've been, and if Passion Pit gets here, I will do the same.

They started an hour late; and everyone's excitement was heard all over the event center as the band emerged from the stage.. everyone's giggling and shouting as they played the first song Entertainment!

Here's the setlist.

1) Entertainment
2) Lasso
3) Lisztomania
4) Long Distance Call
5) Too Young
6) Girlfriend
7) The Real Thing
8) Trying to Be Cool
9) Drakkar Noir
10) Chloroform
11) Run Run Run
12) Sunskrupt!
13) Consolation Prizes
14) S.O.S. in Bel Air
15) Armistice
16) 1901

17) Countdown
18) If I Ever Feel Better / Funky Squaredance
19) Rome

But I didn't search for that before going because every Phoenix's songs I love.  I know I won't be disappointed, I just really wanna hear them live.  And it was a super amazing experience.  I still feel the same feelings I felt whenever I play their songs, that's how awesome it was.

The place is small, so it's very intimate.. maybe that's why it's a little expensive.  And on the last song, Thomas Mars went on every corner and touched every one's hands!  I thought I would be able to touch him too because my hands are ready! and I was like OH MY GOOOOD, but no, unfortunately he skipped our crazy crowd and jumped on the stage where the equipment were.  And I could see in his face that he can't believe how much we love them.  The crowd was so amazing.  Everyone's singing, and dancing, and shouting, and giggling on every songs they play (include me to that).  I actually thought I'd be missing my voice the day after.

And from all the songs they played, Love Like a Sunset is my most favorite, and I didn't notice during that gig that it was mashed with Bankrupt!  And they called this mashup, Sunskrupt!

I found a copy of their actual performance in the World Trade Center in Manila, there's just a bit problem on the audio, but imagine this when you hear this live.  It's 10 times awesomer when you're on the actual performance.  I was actually losing my mind.  Until now I'm losing it.