I know that's quite a long title but I'm asking you now, although I'm not sure if I'm going to get a response, but I'm asking anyway.. so yeah, what was it?

So today, I set my speaker in an almost full volume and sang up to the top of my lungs, and it felt really good.  I haven't done it in a long time, and it felt right.  But no, I'm not in a bad mood today or something, I just thought "why not?"

I don't have a car to do this regularly, and I'm always on my earphone in the office when I listen, so yeah, I kinda miss singing the songs I love.  It feels good, even if you're not on tune and missing all the lyrics.. that's why I don't understand why some people don't like singing.. in general.. not as a profession, that's a different thing.

Some of the people in the house might be thinking I'm going crazy again.  "What's gone into her?"  "Is she upset?"  I'm actually on leave today, because I wasn't feeling ok, and now I'm totally fine.  Look what music can do to you; it heals you, emotionally and physically.

And later I will continue reading Lestat (sorry for the randomness). I've seen the movie The Queen of the Damned and I think it wasn't given justice because they combined Lestat's story with the Queen of the Damned's, and it's not good at all.  It's missing a lot of important details.. but I do agree that the artists do fit on their characters, yes, especially Lestat.

I've read Merrick; that's actually the first Anne Rice that I read, and I was hooked that I decided to check on her other works.  That's when I realized that the Interview with a Vampire was hers.  I watched the movie and I think it's fine.  I've also read about Pandora, but I can't find the other novels in the bookstores; the Tale of the Body Thief which I think tells the story of David Talbot and how he became a vampire in a different body.
That sounds pretty interesting, right?  So I've got to find it!  I don't do online purchasing though.

So tonight I must finish reading him and look for the other works and be happy.  But don't judge me if I read vampire novels; like the Vampire Academy and uh, yeah, Twilight.. but I read them out of curiosity, yeah those 4 novels.  I was that curious!

And the loud speaker is still on as I'm writing this, and will continue to bang on my walls and an on every corner of this house until I finish reading Lestat.. or maybe until I decided to settle on my earphones because everyone's asleep.

I just borrowed the Twilight books and were returned to the rightful owner.. and no, I didn't read the Shades of Grey, didn't even touched them.  ..not that you're asking.