Tons.. or I don't know.  Honestly, I've been thinking if this is a good idea.  To use this fucking generator which is so crazy, yet brilliant, and I'm so puzzled if I have the right to drag the Beatles' name to this shitty blog.

Okay, maybe if they have heard of Palawan, of Puerto Prinsesa, or if they hear about how beautiful and wonderful and magnificent Puerto Prinsesa is, they will immediately ask their manager to get a ticket to ride.. and sing about it?  I can't imagine the Beatles being in a musical, but why not?  If they like it, then go.  I'll support them all the way.  #rockon.

So they have bought a ticket, and landed in Puerto Prinsesa airport in a very hot summer day.  John Lennon would first come out of the plane, appreciating the heat saying "here comes the sun" while putting his sun glasses on.  They later would be escorted to their hotel, and the lady-in-charged would ask them about the heat (about 40°C -- if they're still ok?) and Paul would say "it's getting better" while George would say "I feel fine" with a smile on his face, and Ringo would give her a pretty smile after saying "oh! darling, no worries".. well, they're all smiling and seems very happy and glad they did Palawan.

They were first toured around the city.. ok, there's nothing fancy about Puerto Prinsesa, but its simplicity and authenticity is what you'll appreciate more in life than any other cities on earth could offer, says John(?)  I'll take his word for it.

To the Baker's Hill, Mitra's Ranch and to the Crocodile Farm they were brought..

photo credit to En Route
crocodile farm at Puerto Prinsesa

crocodile farm at Puerto Prinsesa

crocodile farm at Puerto Prinsesa

They were also brought to the Baywalk by some good friends and rented bikes and had fun.. it was really fun!  Some kids joined them while biking because they were that excited, they looked like and acted like kids who saw/rode bikes for the first time.  :>

biking at Baywalk, Puerto Prinsesa

Baywalk at Puerto Prinsesa Palawan

Baywalk at Puerto Prinsesa Palawan

The next day they were taken to the Underground River, also known as the Puerto Prinsesa Subterranean River.  The excitement can be seen from all their faces, and a few minutes passed, they're entering the cave with zero visibility.. the huge flashlight was on and soon they will see the thousands of bats in the ceiling taking a pee or a poo on everyone.  They were advised not to open their mouths while admiring the scenery, but Paul kinda forgot about it, tasted it, and cried "this is something! whoa!"  The whole trip which lasted for about an hour went very smooth and they were greeted by a photographer (outside the cave) to capture their happy faces.

Puerto Prinsesa Underground River

They were then brought to Honda Bay for some island hopping!  They were more excited than I was when I did it.  They got even more excited on fish feeding, and the people could hear them sing "come together, fishes! yeah!"

Fast forward to the last day of their trip.. they were getting on their plane singing "she loves you yeah! yeah! yeah!" as appreciation for the love they received while staying in Puerto Prinsesa.  They promised to be back to explore more of the island.

As for what they learned or what they could learn from Puerto Prinsesa? well..