I remember I was nervous when we entered the cave.  I was nervous and excited.  I don't know if that's a good feeling, but as a person with the weirdest and widest imagination I know, anything could happen.. in my mind.  I think we booked this tour 5 or more months prior, you have no idea how excited I was.  It's the fucking Underground River! in Palawan!!  But my excitement kind of sank a bit, just a bit, when we wore our vests and helmets which smelled like an old bat's diaper.
Oh, I did say that I was excited when we entered the cave, yes, the excitement went back approaching the entrance of the world's known longest underground river.

But before we fully embrace the darkness, I took a shot of the outside world and secured my camera.

The boats they use actually were too small; with 8 capacity, the boatman is the 9th.. we were advised not to create too much movement because the chance to fall into the deeeeep river is high, plus it's zero visibility inside.  But don't worry, I won't mention anything about fatalities because there haven't been any report of anyone falling from the boat, except from some cameras.  And no, the boatman will never leave his boat for some fucking cameras.. no matter how expensive that is.  Secure your baby.

And so the adventure started with the bats; look at them hundreds and thousands of creatures of the night welcoming their guests with some precious gifts, very warm.. a gift from heaven.

I think we were doing a u-turn when we passed by this group.. soon leaving that enchanting, or shall I say creepy?.. ok, I'd be totally honest, it was a bit creepy for me.. with a very limited vision and a limited action on a small boat, that's reason enough to freak out.. at least in your mind, no need to show them though.  :>

There are tons of rock formations taking the shape of different animals, plants, or human body parts, and some other things.  This below is supposed to be the holy family, but I don't know if I captured it right, or if I captured the right rock.  But the boatman did say that that holy family formation sometimes won't show on pictures because the place was enchanted, that's what he's all been talking about since we started the tour.  That that place was enchanted, we must respect it and everything that lives in it.

From the thousands of shots, that's all the most decent ones.  At least I got the giraffe and the fish.  :>

By the way.. here are the shots outside the cave.