I first heard her on the radio, on Jam, and on that instant I liked her.  I was stunned by her voice.  Her singing is so perfect for me.  She does sounds pop.. but I was enjoying what I was hearing.  So it wasn't a huge surprise that Jam played her, I was actually glad they did.  So I Googled her after learning her name and found out that she's new to the music industry, and seemed like it was only me who haven't heard of her that time.. and that she's soooo young, and a goth. awesome. super awesome.

rock on Lorde
gif credit to Billboard
Later I was hearing about her live performances; on how awkward she looks and her awkward dance moves, but when I checked it.. it's pretty normal!  Some people just haven't been moved by music.  With those kind of beats, how can you not create those kind of dance moves?

Listen to the music.

Lorde by nevetessa on Grooveshark

..and a bonus track from Catching Fire - "everybody wants to rule the world"