It's been in my routine to tune in to the radio going home from the office.  And so I was half asleep or was awaken by this voice and Russ' (the dj) and they were talking about the guy's music.  He sounded like he haven't had any sleep.. or he's just tired of talking.

But when I heard his music.. I was amazed, like where was this music coming from.  And he will totally go straight to my playlist. hehe.  I think he did mention about free music.  I was still sleepy but I was eagerly waiting for another song, but I think that was it.. and I'm glad I found his soundcloud. Check him out.

I hope he won't mind if I post his face here.


That radio show by the way was Fresh Filter, where Russ Davis features the local indie artists.  I think it was Nature Trips that they played on the show, and wow, he sounds like a girl.. but in a good way.

The traffic was bad but I didn't mind because I was really sleepy and I like what I was hearing and I'm too tired to complain.  And I still don't like the rain.  But I do like the cold weather.  Can't we just keep it that way?

and I think found a new favorite.  :>