I mentioned on my last post about the goodness of travel hassles (what? goodness?? what goodness?) we were joined by a typhoon during this trip.  Ambo, whose intention was to ruin our lives and put us in grave danger (no, nothing bad happened.. I just wanted to say "grave danger" and imagine Prof. Trelawney's voice in it).. he's not that strong, but strong enough not to let us drop by Corrigidor Island.. the highlight of our trip in Bataan.  So we decided to look for another place to visit, and our hostess, Arnie, suggested that we visit this falls nearby.. and we were like, "falls?! alright, let's go!"  But that too wasn't in good shape..? condition? because the nonstop rain made it look like a chocolate falls.. but not the kind of chocolate falls you'd wish to get into.

falls in Bataan

falls in Bataan

The water also, the pond or the small lake doesn't look inviting.. plus the place was kinda eerie.. it kinda felt like there's something or someone else is watching you.  So we just did a little photo shoot and left.  But they did say that that falls was pretty, and was regularly visited by tourists, if it wasn't for the bad weather that took place, I think.  There's actually a fee, and a couple who maintains the place.  They advised us not to get inside the falls if we decided to take a swim.  But, no thank you.

falls in Bataan

Ambo ruined our trip, but the good thing is, our accommodation was free.  We were welcomed by Arnie's family; her parents, her siblings were all nice and friendly, also their dog.. but he needed to be tied.. for safety purposes.

Bataan neighborhood

They are their neighbors.. I'm glad no one complained about me taking their pictures, not even a sign of protest.  I like those kind of people; they don't mind being photographed.

And so because we failed to enjoy the falls, we then decided to spend our day to the nearest resort.  We went there before it opened at I think 9am so we were able to own the place for a bunch of hours.. the videoke too!

I found this bike by the resort's entrance.. and I thought the dog was really cute.

Our shoes suffered though from a mud mud world, and my shoes wasn't able to recover; from white-ish green-ish floral it became brown-ish floral.  It's not that cute anymore.  I know, it's my fault that I exposed it in the mud mud world.. sorry shoes!  :<

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