This is totally contradictory to what I was thinking to write about hassles, but I'll try to make it as positive as I possibly could.  You see, Portent's challenges has always been entertaining.

Everyone who travels has had bad experiences or even small flaws; in their flights, in their buses, cars, boats (wow, you have a boat!?).. even on, or especially on the hotels, hostels, cottages, inns, even on tents and picnic tables.. there would always be a bug to keep you entertained.. for it would be a little boring without these tiny hassles and a little drama from here and there.

photo credit to Tin

We were waiting for hours for our flight, and I haven't had any sleep when we got to the airport (going to El Nido; our first visit) on this photo above.  I was still working on a night shift that time.  Love those eye bags, looks like they could use some sleep.

You see, ever since I started traveling, I've never had a smooth and perfect holiday vacations.

These hassles could actually make you a better person; be open to things, to possibilities, and to some adventures you think you won't enjoy but you did.. discovering yourself, your capabilities in the process.

Tonight though, we're supposed to be going to Baguio but it was cancelled because another typhoon is approaching.. I think Henry has got in here already.  This is a total hassle, but we've learned to live with it.. there's nothing we can do about it anyway., aaaaand we live in a country where the weather is always extreme; whether it's summer or rainy season, or should I say typhoon season??
I guess it's better to cancel it than to explore the city under the nonstop raining again.  There was also a time when we were in Bataan that another storm joined us as we visited the Dambana ng Kagitingan or the Shrine of Valour in Mount Samat.  We were on the top of the shrine when the storm came, so it was a little bit shaky.. like there was an earthquake or something.  But the shrine was designed to be earthquake proof so there's nothing to worry about.  Okay, the real hassle was we were not able to visit Corregidor Island and so we looked for another place to visit.  I will tell this story later on,. it needs its own post.

Shrine of Valour at Mount Samat, Bataan

These rain hassles made me/us realize how strong or passionate we were about traveling (yesss, passionate).  The rain didn't stop us from exploring the city, nor climbing that tall cross on the top of the mountain.. though we did complain, a lot, but we still went on.. and that's a good thing.  That is something that we were proud of.  You see, when you travel, you must also learn how to take risks.. but of course, you must also learn when not to.  It's a matter of trust.. trust your instincts.

Delayed flights, flat tire, non-air-conditioned van in an extremely hot summer day, and more undesirable transportation experiences.. these are just a small part of travel hassles, and they will force you to lengthen your patience because it is you who will lose in the end if you will never learn how to let go and move on.

boat for hire

photo credit to Yhavz
There will always be flaws in your hotel or hostel or cottages or inns; like when the hot shower didn't work and I was froze to death in Baguio's shower room (our first visit).. it did work though, but when it was my turn.. that fucker.  Another shower issue in Pangasinan in Bolinao at Bing's (Mura na, Good Service pa!) and the open shower room in Calaguas.. actually, that was kinda fun!  These shower issues made me more flexible.. yeah, because they used to complain about me hugging the bathroom so I learned to lessen my shower time to 10-15 min.. that's true!

Bing's Resort at Bolinao Pangasinan

As for the people you share the travel adventures with.. you'd also learn to live with each other's flaws and accept each other's opinions.  You guys are together for one thing anyway; adventure.. friendship comes next.  :)

There are a lot of things you'll learn from traveling, not only the places you're visiting or the people's culture, you'd get to know more about yourself; what you could do and how you could do it.

I was in the middle of writing this shit last night when I fell asleep.. I tried to fight it but I lost, until I decided to just give in.. alright, bed, you won.