I woke up from a phone call from my office mate to tell me that we don't have to go to work because Glenda has gotten mad; she got here yesterday and placed Southern Luzon under storm signal no. 1.  At around 5:20am, I could already hear the strong wind, and he said, my office mate said that they no longer have electricity, and right after that phone call, when we're about to check the news, our tv died.

At around 6am, the devastating wind was heard brushing all over the place; the sound of the roofs, trees, our avocado tree which was hitting our neighbor's roof, and its fruits dropped one by one.. as well as the kaimito's.  The storm signal was raised to 3.  I started contacting my siblings to check if they're fine, thankfully they are.. but I can't stop worrying because they're in this area which has been fragile from calamities.

But on times like this, when your house was also being whipped, in a bad way.. very bad, there's nothing much you can do; either you listen to the devastating wind outside, or you settle with a small candle and finish what you're reading while listening to the devastating wind outside.. and hope that everyone's ok.

reading in the dark

Glenda's wind slowed down at 10am and she finally stopped at around 10:30am leaving out mess and sad news to everyone.  Our electricity went back at around 12:30pm, but until now, I still don't have phone signal.

I opened my computer as soon as the lights went back, thankfully there's internet connection, because I needed to play LOL.  I missed it.

Stay safe everyone!