This was the happiest night everrr.. ok, there were tons of happiest nights, and this was one of them.  It was October 1, 2010 when John Mayer serenaded Manila under the rain.. so my photos were mostly umbrellas.  Luckily we were able to get a spot, my friend and I, we were in the gen ad area, and we got to his face close enough.

I got a few shots and this is the most decent I could share.. and the other below is the original shot. Thanks to photoshop.

John Mayer live in Manila

John Mayer live in Manila

We arrived late actually, because it was raining and the traffic was bad, and I panicked that we won't be able to make it, that I won't be able to see him.. no wayyy!!  I waited long enough! okay, well, we made it on time.  And so after a few minutes, John Mayer came up the stage.. aaaaaaaaaaahh!!! hahaha you have no idea how loud I could get when it comes to my favorite artists.  Well, when I get really excited, I can be really loud.  Like how crazy you could get when it comes to One Direction.  teehee

John Mayer may not be the kindest man, well he's far from being kind and his words and actions were very controversial, including his relationships.  But its his music that I love.. also his wit, and that's what matters.  Anyway, he's an artist, and he's expected to be that crazy.. or I just really don't care, do I?? whateverr

That being said, I'll share with you a part of my playlist..

John Mayer by nevetessa on Grooveshark

aaaand this vid which I took when he started playing Your Body is a Wonderland.  In the intro you'd hear me sorta like thanking my friend for reminding me to record it.. and yeah, of me kinda singing.. or much like responding.  teehee

I apologize for the crappy audio and perfectly poor quality of this video, but it was fucking raining, and I think my screaming made it worse.  teehee  #sorrynotsorry