Last 2 weeks, we remembered our grandmothers and their incomparable love through the photo of this grandma who comforted her grandson and took care of him while we're being shaken by the sea.  

Now, I got a few shots, actually just 2 of the grooviest, coolest grandfathers I encountered.  One of them in Cebu and the other in Makati.

We were in a fast food restaurant when my office mate pointed us in the direction of the cars outside.. I didn't know what we're looking at at first, but then I saw the prettiest, coolest car.. a vintage car being driven in the street!  And look who's driving it!

groovy lolo

The second photo was at a souvenir shop in Mactan, Cebu.  I caught my friends buying ukulele for the kid who's with us, and the man was showing them every colors, and every kind, and kind of strumming each of them.  I asked him if he could play, and right about strumming the strings, I took a few shots.


I'm glad he let me do that.. or maybe he was surprised that a camera was suddenly on his face that he wasn't able to evade it.  I named him coololo.  Lolo is grandfather in Tagalog, by the way.  So there you go.