You know what they say about going thru the most difficult paths will always lead to something really wonderful in the end?  That's not exactly how it goes, I mean, the exact words, but you get the idea.. right?  Because it's true, you might experience the worst but you'd end up saying it's worth the pain.. whatever that is.

When we went trekking to Mount Pinatubo, I already knew that I'd be facing the longest walk of my life.  I'm totally fine with that.. I love walking.  But what I didn't know were the deadliest of stairs we would face in the end.  I don't mind walking for 2 hours or 3, but the stairs almost killed me; its got huge steps, and on some part I needed to jump.. thankfully we're with some real gentlemen.

stairs to Pinatubo Lake

In Minalungao National Park in Nueva Ecija, there's this what I call "1000 steps to greatness".  Up in the hill, was a promising view and a great place to think about your life.. I mean, what was I/we were thinking going up in the mountain taking the stairs?  My heart was pumping like crazy and I almost laid down the marble floor and took a shower with a bottle of water we had.  


There's a grandiose entrance waiting for you at the top and a huge cross which I don't think was carried by some great men using the stairs.

I did all these under the heat of super sun.  But hey, they're all great exercise.