Cebu City

I know every great cities must be explored thoroughly but the time and budget that we had was not enough (which is always the case) so we chose the popular destinations and hopefully we could go back and explore the wholeness of it.

We kinda explored the city in a day after leaving the beautiful Bantayan Island..

Cebu was still recovering from the massive earthquake and typhoon when we visited.. the same typhoon and earthquake which hit the city and other provinces in the Visayans region when we first planned our Cebu-Bohol trip.  We could still see the damages in some parts of the city; torn houses, damaged church, and the Magellan's Cross which was under repair when we dropped by.. but everything was fine.  The tourists were coming again.

Magellan's Cross   Magellan's Cross

In the Magellan's Cross, we were approached by some women who told us that they would pray for our families and friends and future or fortune, maybe.  And so they gave us some colored candles to put into the altar while they do the prayers.. and they were like dancing while praying.  I was fascinated.

A few moments later, a group of tourists came lead by this good-looking Christ-look-a-like-man talking softly on his microphone about Cebu's history.  So he's like a tourist guy..  But did you know that our tourist guide in our Mount Pinatubo trek was a french dude?  Yeah, that was really awesome.

We left them while watching the same woman who did the prayers for me.. and like everyone else, I saw in their faces how fascinated they were.

Basilica Del Santo Niño

The Basilica Del Santo Niño which was badly damaged by the earthquake was under renovation that's why there was no mass being held but it was open for public.. and there was like a parade of balloons outside.  They're quite fun to look at!

Basilica Del Santo Niño

We also visited the Lapu-Lapu Shrine and the Taoist Temple before heading back to Manila.  But we must not settle to having just a quick visit to something as great as this.  This city won't be called the queen for no reason.. and that must be revealed soon.

Taoist Temple, Cebu