We decided to play volleyball in the middle of the day, in a court.  It wasn't not that hot.  I don't remember complaining about too much sweating.  We're a group of four and the two guys decided to pair up.. hmm, alright, fine.. it's girls vs. boys, then.  

We'll try to win.

I served first.  

The ball hit the net. wahahahha!  I'm sorry, let me do that again!

The second try was again, a miss.  It flew pass by them.  It was too high.

Damn it, that hurt.  I've only hit the ball twice and my arm was reddish already, and it seemed like it hit an artery.. and they're fucking laughing at me!  WHATEVERR!!  

But on the third and fourth and fifth try, I was still holding the ball, laughing at my failure, and I woke up.  I woke up laughing.

boatman in Calaguas

He's one of the boatmen in Calaguas.. I don't know what/who he's laughing at.