We were thinking what to do next.  Where to go next.  We're checking on the area; eyeing on our next target, and one of us remembered the huge tower-like flowers in the park, but none of us can remember the name of the lovely place.. but we saw it.. from afar.. from where we were standing.  

We started to walk towards those flowers, trying to figure out how to get there.. passing by a few more installations, a long stretch of restaurants facing the bay.  It was a very nice walkway, actually, prettier at night, with some street performers.  I wanted to stop, but we had to keep moving.  So we ended up in the mall but it seemed like a dead-end.

We can not pass by the road, only cars can.  So I approached one of the crews, trying to figure out what to say as I was walking towards him.  In my head I was already laughing because I didn't know the name so I went "uhm, how do we get to the.. uhm huge flowers?" pointing at its direction.  He was smiling and I can see that he's trying hard not to laugh.  I appreciated that a lot.  Believe me, I haven't been that embarrassed, but I had to do what I had to do.  

So he told me that there's a "lift" outside the mall and from there we'll cross a bridge to get there. But earlier, before that embarrassing moment of asking direction, a group of people, a family, asked us how to get there.  We were standing on the said "lift" when I said "we were actually looking for the same thing", smiling back at her.  

I think someone already pointed them to that "lift" but they were not sure, or maybe they couldn't find it, and it was so unfortunate that they had to stumble upon us and get dragged by our idiocy.. my idiocy.  

They went back to the mall with us where the whole embarrassing direction-asking happened, and again they were pointed outside where the "lift" had been waiting for us to get to the Gardens by the Bay.

Finally, after a long walk, and a few unforgettable moments, we found it.  The huge fucking flowers!

They call them Supertrees, not flowers, apparently, like how I described it like all the fucking time.  Whateverr.  Anyways, it was almost getting dark when we got there, which was perfect, but we were not able to stay for long.. we had a train to catch, but we still managed to stop by Bugis before that, before catching the train.. which I will share later on.

Gardens by the Bay

poser by the bay

I love how that guy went on for a pose, showing his friends how to do it.  And there were a lot of mosquitoes, by the way, by the lake.  Bring your repellent.

Sincerely, Paula