I was able to upload some of my remaining shots in our last trip; that trip in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur on Flickr, which I was supposed to write about but never had any idea how to.  I have no excuse for such laziness and so I will not dare mention any of it here, because it's just laziness, that's all.

But while I was reading the damn book, that book which is kind of giving me a hard time to finish, the thought of writing came to me.. writing the rest of my last trip or at least changing the template of this damn blog.  It's been a year, maybe changing it's appearance might inspire me to share the rest of the experience, or at least make up a story, like what I mostly do.

But seriously, I'm not quite sure if this thing that I took was supposed to be a moon.  I convinced myself that it was a moon.. hanging a little bit low above their heads.

the mooooooooon

 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg   OneDad3Girls