I had no idea that there's such a thing as #InternationalMensDay.  I thought they never like celebrating their masculinity.. or do they?

I was reviewing my shots on Flickr and I noticed that 80% of them, of my models are men or boys.. why is that?  

I think it's easier for me to shoot them because it's easier for me to figure out men than women.  I myself can't understand myself most of the time.  I mean, it's easier for me to know if he won't think he's being violated by some random girls taking his pictures.  And I do appreciate that they never get offended by a little paparazzi.  

So in return, I'm featuring you guys, the men of my file, to this special day of yours.. but never ever think you're special.

locals of Benguet

locals of Benguet

taho vendor in Baguio

coolest souvenir vendor in Batangas

groovy ice cream man in Batangas

construction worker in Benguet

postcard from Singapore

street bartender

that super happy tourist in Baguio

this friendly local in Baguio

pink girl got him

accidental awesome shot


under the treehouse-ish tree

the rappers

perfect timed jump shot!

the monkey man

loloy; our lifeguard, tour guide, boatman

locals of Benguet

the octopuses

Mong Alcaraz


But seriously, thank you for giving me these amazing shots.  :>