I've been debating with my head if I'm going to write about this recent event I attended to because I'm not quite sure if I'm the right person to do that and if this blog is the right place to read about that, so I'm sticking with my genre of nonsense talks of feelings and pretentious photos I took -- photoshopped to make them look better in my eyes.  Sounds annoying isn't it?

Ok, so I decided to just share all the feelings felt during this whole weekend event.  I'll even add the uninteresting happenings when I got home (if there's any), and I promise not to mention anyone involved in this shit.  Don't worry, I will not make the same mistake again.

So I'll start on Saturday.  

I went with my friend who's a hardcore seo, and we're supposed to meet at 6 o'clock in the morning to have breakfast because the bus leaves at 7:30am.  I was 30 or 40 minutes late, but I told her we still have enough time to eat breakfast but she said the bus leaves 15 minutes earlier, so we ordered our food and decided to eat it on the bus.

I never planned to attend this seminar because it's a bit pricey and I'm trying to save money for other plans but I don't know what happened.  She managed to convince me to come.. "alright, fine.. I can use it (all the knowledge I could get) anyway".  

So why am I saying this?  It's because I didn't know any information about the event.  I didn't even know which bus terminal we're going to until I asked her after ordering our food; Five Star.. I know that.. this way.. I guess.  But she said, "no, it's that way."  "Are you sure?"  "Yes, I checked Google, it says, it's that way."  I cannot compete with Google so I followed her lead but I was still asking her if she's sure about that.. but, ok, it was still early, anyway.

So we passed by two bus terminals and finally I asked her, are you sure Five Star is this way?  I think we need to ask for direction.. go ask that guy! think we can trust him.  He was a security guard, and he confirmed as well as the other guy who willingly helped this two lost souls (partly) to show them the right direction.. we're on the right path now, but were a bit far from the right terminal.  We still have enough time, I said.. walking as fast as I can while she's all "but Google says, it's that way!"

My patience for this lady is quite long, I don't know why.. maybe I'm just really used to her, but she sure is a great person; a real friend.  Also, I already knew what will happen.. I just thought maybe we could use a little more walking.

So we got to the bus terminal; sweaty, tired, and all sweaty.  We're 10 minutes early and there I met her office mates.. for the first time.

The bus left about 15 minutes late.. 

I don't know how I'm going to say this, but the bus driver didn't know how to get there.. we were kind of lost.  Everyone's hungry.  I was fine.  I had breakfast, my friend and I did.. but they were bombarding the driver with you-know-what.  Apparently, he just needed a little help from Google.. and so my friend flew to the driver's side and showed him the way.. like how the men on the street helped us to get to the right path. (word)

We got there on time.. thank you Google! this time, thank you.

And we were facing a very nice hotel.

The number of attendees were more than what they expected (there were lot of walk-ins) but were still accommodated properly (of course, they had to).  And I honestly wanted to check-in in our room upon entering the mansion.  Yup, it was a mansion.  It looks really fancy, actually.  I'm giving that plus plus plus to those who organized.  :>

Breakfast was served as they started talking, which I assume made everybody happy.  It was nice; burger and chips.  It could have rhymed if they served fries.. but I like how they started it.  It was very productive with speaker 1 and 2.  I liked how they presented their stuff, so I really looked forward to seeing greater presentations especially about PPC and social media.  But because this isn't the proper place to discuss about that.. moving on to lunch.  

I can't remember what it was, but I do remember eating a chocolate cupcake; a very tiny, very delicious, chocolate cupcake.  I wish I took 2, or three. or four and gave it to my seatmate who was busy discussing about the discussion with his seatmate.  Productivity doubled.

After lunch, we were told to check-in in our rooms and return in half an hour.  My friend and I shared a room with 2 other girls whom we never met before and those two haven't seen each other either, so we're all strangers to each other (except my friend and I, of course).  Her office mates' room, however, was on the other hotel.. a bit far from ours and a bit low budgeted.  They registered late, and there were really a lot of walk-ins.. maybe the reason why they had to sleep in what they called "the cave", which was a pretty nice cave! if you ask me.  

It wasn't that bad.  We chose to hang out to their place, actually, after the whole thing.  We brought alcohol and compared our rooms and some shared their psychic abilities.. for real.  It was spooky.  I chose not hear my future.  I think I can live without knowing what's gonna happen next.. or let him read what's happening around me or my past, or I don't know how he does that.  

I was drunk, but I think he knows what he's saying.  He says, he's got this vision while the person he's reading was shuffling the cards and clearer views while he's reading the cards for them.  It was really creepy hearing from him and his history; that his family have this background of having this power, and later on he said "let me tell you the first time I joined a paranormal activity", and we were all like "ok, I'll just watch PBB".

The next day, waking in our room, in the grand hotel room.. I decided to take a bath really early to catch the sunrise and also because I had a really bad headache.  It was gone after the hot shower (the headache), but I wasn't able to catch the sunrise.  I took a bath for too long, I guess.  I went out, the sun was so out already, but I still went on for a walk; took pictures.. went back to our room and went back to sleep while everyone's already awake.

My friend woke me saying "let's go down now.. breakfast" "ok" I was starving that morning.  So it wasn't really that good of a move to provide people who were used to eating rice for breakfast with bread.  Bacon and ham were pretty good, but it could have been prettier if there were eggs, and rice.. fried rice.  Coffee's nice, but we're really expecting brewed.  Coffee.  Brewed coffee.  We were in a fucking grand hotel, for crying out loud! ...and this is when everyone's feelings fell from "awesome" to "the fuck is this?"

I think I was still hungover because I didn't notice that the block of cheese I took happened to be butter.  I ate it like cheese and I don't know why I didn't notice.  I just realized when my friend's office mate said "this ain't cheese, this is butter"  Damn it.  What the fuck happened to my tongue?  Maybe the coffee was that hot, it burned my tongue, or I don't know, I really don't know.  Maybe I just really didn't mind.  But I ate the fucking butter like fucking a cheese, I can't fucking believe it!

So there, maybe the breakfast was also the reason why some people went really emotional with their questions.. I mean, part of the seminar was to ask questions... and that last part went really awkward. for everyone.. especially for Clark Kent.

I promised not to mention any name, but sorry, I can't help it.  But if you're going to ask me how the event went?  I'd say it had a really good start. 

I do love bread for breakfast.  I mostly have sandwich for breakfast, but when I'm really hungry, I'd go with the rice, and egg, and anything that goes with it.