pg moment

It was Christmas day.  Everyone's busy preparing for the party (our annual party), and since they've got everything under control, and since our baby Erin was crying nonstop, I decided to take her to the playground.  Thankfully there's one in the area we're at.

It wasn't occupied when we got there, except for the cutest baby on the swing and her mother, or maybe that's her tita with her and we joined them.  Erin became the happiest, cutest, little runner in the playground.  I had to chase her all over.

She went from the swing, to that little horse on a spring, to the slide.. I joined her on the slide.  I had to, even if I looked ridiculous.  Maybe I was being over protective of her, but she is so fragile! and so clumsy like her little tita.

But yeah, she really is clumsy. like me. damn it.

After a few minutes of running around, chasing after her, I begged her to stop and told her her mama's calling her already.  I was so fucking tired.  I needed to rest.

So we went back to the venue and seemed like the party won't start in an hour or two.

I took my mom's camera and we went back to the playground (as I've got enough rest I needed), this time with Erin's mom (my sister) and her brother, Jacob.

And that shot above with the girl on the slide lying on her (seemed to be) sister's lap was the first shot I took.  Unfortunately though we had to interrupt that lovely moment of theirs because Erin and Jacob wanted to slide.

another pg moment

This kid above is not Jacob, but I caught him staring blankly at something and I had to grab the opportunity to shoot him while he's on the mood.  And then we were joined by more kids and some teenagers who dominated the playground.

super happy girls on the swing

Erin was a bit stunned by the girls on the swing; they're laughing out loud, actually, and some were rolling on the ground, giggling.. they couldn't contain their happiness.

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