We signed up for a bit of expensive mission; an extraordinary mission to work with robots, to work with the Autobots.  Yes, the Autobots.  We managed to get seats after waiting for the longest queue of our lives.. or maybe not, I just love to exaggerate.

Transformers - The Ride [vip floor]

It took us an hour and thirty minutes or more to finally get to our seats and try to accomplish the mission; to protect the allspark from the Decepticons.

Transformers - The Ride [battle glasses]

Transformers - The Ride [gear up, soldiers]

It was a hell of a ride.  I almost flew out of the vehicle.. several times!  There was a lot of flying and jumping from the highest building then tumbling down, and I felt like my body would pull apart, and I was always gasping for air, and I lost my heart and everything inside me like how I lost them in The Xtreme Ride in EK but with this mission, it happened many times!.. but it was a lot of fun! and we sure were serious about our mission; to get out of there alive to protect the allspark.. aand to get out of there alive.

We did it.  After all the chaos and Bumblebee almost dying in front of us, we succeeded.  The allspark was safe, again.. until the next batch of recruits to protect them from the never ever dying wish of the Decepticons to destroy the Universe.

We then entered into a wrecked amusement park which is now operated by the enraged, ravenous, and a little playful dinosaurs.

The Lost World

People are advised to wear ponchos or be cool with leaving the area soaking wet.  There's a dry pod, but it won't guarantee to dry you totally.  So we decided to buy ponchos.. but a guy magically appeared and handed 2 ponchos to us, to 2 of my friends, for free!

Two used ponchos which he was about to dispose but he thought we could still use it, so he handed them to us, to 2 of my friends (I saw some repetition in here) leaving me to buy one for myself. I believe it was 4 SGD!  I brought it home as a souvenir (it's got a "The Lost World" logo at the back) and I gave it to my father.

By the way, the lab wasn't that scary.. but it was alright.  But I thought the T-Rex would snap out of our heads in the end!

We were advised to visit the mummies in their fancy tombs, so we did, and they too almost split my body into two.  But I liked our quest with the Autobots more than running away from Imhotep.. I can't remember exactly why he's chasing us.. we were just passing by!

Nasuses, guarding the entrance

Sincerely, Paula