river Hongbao

I am not familiar with this festivity, but I liked it, and kind of planned to go there when I saw it from afar.  We were walking through the bay area when those colorful things (I had no idea what they were) caught my attention.  We decided to go there after eating at Makansutra.

The crowd was doubled as soon as the moon got up at around 8 o'clock in the evening.  It was still very weird for me to see the sun at 7:30 pm although Singapore and the Philippines share the same time zone.  I think I got used to it at the third or fourth week of my stay.

River Hongbao

There were huge lanterns and colorful mythical creatures; including Sun Wukong and all the other monkeys.. because it's year of the monkey, duh!  But there was a woman, a Chinese woman, who I thought was asking me to take her picture in front of one of the displays, but was actually asking me if I could participate in the survey, and I said, "sure, why not?".  Afterwards, she gave me a bunch of red envelopes or ang pao (empty) with very cute designs.

What am I gonna do with those?

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