They were seen lurking outside our house the other night, making a bit of noise, but I never heard them.. I don't know why.  The next morning, my brother told me about them.  I got excited.  I told them to fetch them immediately, bring them in.. I'll feed them, and make them one of us.  I mean, make them part of the family.

They didn't like the idea because they're all girls, and I was like "and so?!"  These kids need help.  It does seem like they're abandoned.  I can't let those kids be miserable, and lonely, and afraid, afraid of everything that moves, or worse, die of hunger, or be eaten by hungry wolves.

The first day was difficult.

It was difficult to tame them.  They were meowing nonstop, even after eating.  They were looking for their mom who's nowhere to be found.  We have no idea what happened to their mom.  We never see nor hear any "Sisa" like-voice shouting for her kids.. going mad.

Before the night ends, I decided to put them back where we found them; on that tiny tree, or was that a shrub.  They were making too much noise and our neighbors might report us to our landlord.  I didn't know what to do.  Besides, they're babies, they're probably looking for their mommy.  So I planned to put them back outside after feeding them.  But they fell asleep after eating dinner, and no big mama cat swing by to check on her babies.. until now.

So it's decided.  I'm keeping them.

Aela, Leila and Kayla

It's their 3rd day in the house.  They've made our tiny terrace their territory.  I had to cage them, but big enough for them to play around.  I cannot let them roam around the house.  They're so tiny.  They might not be seen and be murdered by those with huge feet and fat belly, or worse, be toyed by my 2 year old nephew.  He always come by to play and he's a little sadistic.  So the terrace is perfect for them.  They're safe there.

Aela, Leila and Kayla

They've recognized my scent, our scents.  They're playing with us now.. mostly with our feet.

They love scratching my ankle, and my legs, my fingers too, and they bite a lot.  But I don't know, I like it.  Every cat lovers would understand, I assume.  ;)

I named them Aela, Leila, and Kayla.. well of course they have nicknames; Ae (Ei), Lei, and Kaye.

Aela is the strongest among the three.  She meows the loudest.  She climbs intelligently.  She jumps a lot.  She might be the oldest.  She's the one with black, and orange, and white fur.

Kayla also loves to jump, and climb, but not as good as Aela.  She's a little clumsy, actually, and I find it a little entertaining.  This tiny, spirited, jumpy ball of orange and white fur gives energy to them three.

Leila, on the other hand, is the chill kind.  She jumps, and climbs, but not a lot.  She plays with her sisters, but not a lot.  I don't know if she gets tired easily, but she sleeps a lot.  She's often asleep while the other two are biting each other.  She's pure orange.  She kinda reminds me of Garfield, except that he was very fat when he was a baby.

It's been a long time since I prepared food for cute, furry babies..  but I still miss Shadow.  He's my Shadow for quite a long time, and will forever be my Shadow.  damn I miss him.


This was Aela on the first day of their stay.. crying for her mommy.


Now this is her, climbing on me.