Genting cable ride

In all honesty, I prefer to be firmly on the ground than to be on that kind of height for 15 minutes.  It may not be the longest in Asia, but it's the longest in Southeast Asia, and it's long enough for me to think about some tragic events like being hit by another cabin because it was detached and we'll all watch ourselves flying fast to the ground.  Also, I learned that it is the fastest in the world.

But before that ride, I was told of a tragic news which caused that horrifying scene in my head.  I was trying to hide it, my fear, but it didn't matter because we're obviously all scared.. or maybe not.. or maybe we're all hiding it. or I don't know.  Maybe I'm just really not comfortable to be on that kind of height for quite a long time.  But I'm still doing it!  I don't know, maybe it's peer pressure.

It's definitely peer pressure, and maybe I also want to experience it, and torture myself with those scary thoughts.. only in my head. only in my head.

cable ride in Genting

That thought of dying while admiring the view was running wild my head during the first 5 minutes, then I started to take pictures because it would be a shame if I didn't, but the thought was never gone, until when we reached Resorts World Genting.. then I was able to breathe freely again.

The deafening ride kinda gave me a headache in the end, actually.. which lasted for hours.  Thankfully, they never asked for another cable ride back, because for me, once is enough.