Have you played counter strike before? asked my brother.. I said, "no, I haven't, but I've seen how it's played many times, and I would like to try."  Even though I don't have that reflex to change weapons fast enough to kill and not be killed, I would like to try.  So I was kind of excited to play.

We set up our computers in the table.  It actually kinda looked like we're going to have a conference meeting in our dinner table with all those laptops and mugs/glasses of water, but I was too busy killing balls I never thought of taking a shot of our seriously engaging scene.  And yes, I did mention "balls".  We were killing balls.  We were killing each other's balls.

What are these fucking balls I'm talking about, you ask?  And how are exploding balls kind of entertaining?

It wasn't new to me, but I was surprised, and yeah, a little bit disappointed, or maybe I just expected something more challenging and fun, and more action-packed than playing with balls and exploding them.. the exploding part was really fun.  There's a lot of blood involved.

And so I was introduced to BaboViolent, but like I said, it wasn't new to me.  But it was indeed enjoyable, and much more fun with 4 or more players.

Have you played this game before? if yes, would you agree if I say that bazooka is the deadliest weapon? if used properly?

I hate the bazooka.  My brother used that all the time, as well as the flame thrower and the shot gun, not to mention, the grenades were always thrown perfectly at me.  You can evade the bazooka by staying out of the walls which is quite hard for a map surrounded by walls, so your only chance is to run and hide, and sneak with a few shots of a shotgun.. or machine gun, that was my favorite, and they called me "Rambo" because of that.

And that, by the way, is how we spent the Valentine's Day.. exploding balls for entertainment.  It was bloody as hell.