Do you remember the last time you hang out with your whole family in an amusement park?  I was in elementary, I think, grade 3 or 4 when we went to Boom na Boom.  It was huge then.  And that was our first and last time to hang out in an amusement park, as a whole family.  My father is not a fan of kiddie rides, he's more a beach or river or pool kind of man.

We had a lot of joyrides going to beaches in our relatives' provinces back then when he was still owning a taxi.  Yes, he was a taxi driver, and he named his taxi "kambal" or twins in english.. because we have twins in the family.

I don't know how to connect the intro with my topic, so maybe I'll just tell you that I caught a few family moments in Universal Studios which gave me the idea for that title.  I wasn't reminiscing, if that's what you're thinking.  I just think they all look cute and nice and warm and very nice and I'm glad I was able to shoot them and document their family moments.

I'll start with this happy family doing a cute photo shoot in front of Optimus Prime.

I may have mentioned a lot of times before, but this shot is definitely one of my favorites.  This actually have two versions, from which I could create a gif but I decided not to post the other one because the guy's face look cuter in this one.

I love his smile, as well as his wife's.  It's amusing that they're both into it, that they followed the photographer's request for a wacky pose.. but the kid.

happy family at Universal Studios

I have shared that daddy moment before and I thought I'll share it again, and I'm sharing it now.  I caught them in one of the streets in Universal Studios and immediately I pointed my camera to them, walked slowly, trying my best not to get noticed, and I'm glad I was able to document them without any violent reactions whatsoever.

father and son moment

I'm not quite sure if this last photo is a family photo.  I caught them passing the Spaghetti Space Chase.  I don't think they came out of there, or maybe they did, but I'm really distracted by the guy's boobs and the woman's biceps.

And there's one thing that fascinates me about this Spaghetti Space family shot; the man (with pointy nipples) and the woman (with huge biceps) kinda looked like holding hands with their hands in front of the kid who's giving a weird look at the woman with huge biceps.  But the fact is, it's just a perfectly timed shot; their hands aligned in front of my camera to give me this kind of entertainment and cool shot.  Thank you.