So I was walking towards the Gardens by the Bay through this long walkway which I called "the tunnel of bloom", and I was admiring its flowery wall, watching people strike their favorite poses, checking every angles, showing their best smiles.. you know, for Facebook.  I tried to take their pictures but I failed.  They're not worth sharing.

And so I thought of shooting those who were chilling inside the tunnel instead.. those who were hanging out with their cellphones out.  And I came out with this.. 

so many reflections

and I love it.  I love the reflection effects which was caused by my camera's slow processing time because there was no enough light for it to use.

This one on the right side was taken at the Big Fish Aquarium inside the Garden, but I do think this aquarium is too small for those big fishes.  And I wasn't expecting to catch this kind of reflection, it's amazing.

River Hongbao Singapore

I've shared this one before.. that festive night at River Hongbao and I consider this as one of my prettiest accomplishments.