Early this morning I was obliged to use my umbrella which I haven't used in months.  I thought I was never going to need its assistance because it doesn't rain that much anymore (not that I'm complaining), but since it's already rainy season (technically).. it's weird.

Normally, we get a lot of rain from June to November, until December.. mostly the entire year, actually, because it also rains on January and February.  But it all changed; we're getting a lot of sun lately, and it's so fucking hot!

It's not my fault.  I didn't wish for that to happen, no matter how many times I say "I hate rain!  I fucking hate it!"  I would never wish for rain to stop showering us with her love during her period.

So what's this post all about?

Nothing.  I just just want to share with you this lovely photo of the most colorful umbrellas I took in Pahiyas Festival.  I don't think writing about the festival this late would be a good idea, sooo maybe I'll just, you know.. make a dumb post.

Pahiyas Festival 2016

So there you go.