catfish in empty aquarium

There's supposed to be an image of a cat right here, sleeping inside an aquarium.. an empty aquarium, but I can't figure out how to get it from this stupid tablet's folder.  I was thinking of a nice intro but my frustration killed it.. not that I have thought of a nice intro, but it's a good excuse, right? right.

So I visited my family in their new house which is now farther from the city.. quite far, actually.  But it doesn't matter, I don't live with them anyway.  And maybe that's what my parents need; a place that is far from any pollution and stress.

It's only been three days since they moved when I visited that some stuff were still unpacked (I think they're the same unpacked boxes and things when we last moved to our last apartment).  One of those unattended thing is our aquarium which stands at the stairs.. next to the window.  It's a perfect spot, but it ate a lot of space.

Anyway, it has been emptied since our last move.  It has been empty for a year, and someone made a decision that this aquarium must fill its duty to be a house for something.. no matter what.

I was going to the kitchen when I noticed something white in the aquarium.. super white and furry and super cute and super sleepy.  He's snoring.

Ash is sleeping like he owns the aquarium.

I had no idea that a glass could be a nice sleeping quarter for a cat.. or maybe they just make everything theirs.  I don't know if he peed on that though.. hopefully not.  We're still planning to buy new fishes, and a huge dog to guard the house.

By the way, Ash caught two baby snakes that night while it was raining.  Good job!  Ok, maybe he deserves the aquarium.  He can have it for awhile.

I was able to insert the photo, and that makes my intro sounds stupid. But can I keep it that way? There's nothing you and I can do anyway.