This one's taken a few years ago.. Christmas gifts from my brother, and yeah, the purpose of this photo is to show them off and also to show appreciation to our brother.. and yes, I also have one.  I was actually surprised that he also gave me one.. and that was really nice.

I never wear wrist watch before because I thought I don't need it because I can always check time on my cellphone, but since this is a gift, a precious gift, I need to wear it all the time.  Now, it kinda feels like I'm incomplete whenever I forget to wear it.  You know what they say "I feel naked" whenever they forget to bring or wear some kind of accessory or gadget?, that's how it feels like.  And I've also got this habit of checking on time even if I'm not asking for it.. that kinda makes me feel like an idiot sometimes.  And I do love this wrist watch.  I love the color; red.

What's funny about this photo though is that there's a comment in Facebook (where I originally posted this) asking "are you guys the Power Rangers?"  :>